iconic michael
A tribute to the man that inspires me.
Michael is the light of my life.
This blog was created on the 20th of December 2012.

Bad Era Sexiness 

You have such a limited music taste Steph, seriously, grow up


why did you click that anonymous button though? i would love to know who you are [a pressed bitch obvs]

 Michael at the Grammy Awards in 1993 
 Black Or White Close-Up 


- Dangerous -

I became a fan of Michael thanks to the Dangerous album and the cover has always fascinate me!! With this artwork, I just wanted to pay tribute to this amazing piece of Art created by Mark Ryden. There are some details added, including the shadow of Peter Pan at the bottom and the panther + the dove of Peace next to the Earth..

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Happy 20th anniversary DANGEROUS!!!! On November 26, 1991, Michael’s “Dangerous” album was released.


Riley, Michael, Lisa and Benjamin 

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